Friday 18th September 2020

A simple dancing skeleton I created while rigging for animation. Just for laughs

January 21st by blacklettermd

Even a really benevolent glance of human history reveals quite an ugly ongoing succession of genocidal atrocities occasionally punctuated by brutal subjugation of designated in-house inferiors – Sheldon Solomon

January 15th by blacklettermd

Tear It Apart – Of The Wand & The Moon

January 15th by blacklettermd

“With really smart guys, dumb answers are always interesting.” – John Searle

June 25th by blacklettermd

Chelsea Wolfe – Carrion Flowers
Directed by:Chelsea Wolfe, Ben Chisholm
Composers:Chelsea Wolfe
Producers:Cathy Pellow, Marc Jetton

June 25th by blacklettermd

DNKL – Battles (Official Music Video)

November 7th by blacklettermd

Making of: Thieme Atlas of Anatomy With the amazing Illustration work of Karl Wesker and Markus Voll

January 28th by blacklettermd

Pursuit – Gesaffelstein

Directed by Fleur & Manu
Produced by DIVISION
Editing, grading & compositing at Home Digital Pictures
SFX by Machine Molle & Mathematic
Label: Parlophone

January 10th by blacklettermd

Your Brain Map

Explore Your Lobes And Cortices With This Interactive Brain Map:
Cramming for a test can make even the brightest minds feel like a pile of mush: Words start blending together, and after scanning pages and pages, it can be tough to tell when concentration falters and thoughts begin to drift. But the good folks at Open Colleges have managed to make neurology engaging and easy-to-process with a cool clickable map of the brain.

October 24th by blacklettermd

Isaiah Toothtaker (Prod. by Steel Tipped Dove)

October 2nd by blacklettermd

Kaleidoscopic Floors-installations by Suzan Drummen

Dutch artist Suzan Drummen creates sparkling floor installations using an array of individually placed mirrors, crystals, chromed metal, optical glass and precious stones. That’s right, the thousands of objects in each of her artworks are placed and stacked by hand and sit completely loose during the exhibition.

The fractal-like patterns in each installation form a sort of temporary 3D carpet that alters the space in which its installed by reflecting light in all directions. But even the slightest disturbance, an accidental step or dropped object, could send pieces from the unprotected installation flying, a true testament to the artist’s trust in the viewer.

September 5th by blacklettermd

Motion sculptures for CCTV Documentary Channel is a digital metaphor of phenomenal blinks and moments that life consists of. In four Idents we follow a visual performance of organic and vital substance, animated using data of actors movements.

September 4th by blacklettermd

William Trubridge – Freediver from the avant garde diaries. William Trubridge dives deep on a breathtaking journey into the big blue sea while by land breathing the zen of freediving

September 4th by blacklettermd

Interpol – Lights directed by Mr. Charlie White

August 28th by blacklettermd


August 23rd by blacklettermd

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