Tuesday 22nd September 2020

That’s a Man’s Corner: A cool video showing some highlights from the legendary Isle of Man TT. The speed that these guys grind at is insane! You can tell that they keep it close to the edge the whole time, always one step away from total disaster. Watch for the bike wobble…this stuff takes balls of steel.

November 27th by blacklettermd

Extremely funny and clever ghost in the elevator prank. iframe Won’t fit so just click the read more to watch it.

November 26th by blacklettermd

Travel back to the Psychedelic ’60s with the new music video from Walter and the Wizards off the album Litter Trippin’, brought to you by Litter Genie® brand: http://www.littergenie.com/

November 20th by blacklettermd

We are all going to die…sorry to break that to you. Ernest Becker was a cultural anthropologist who wrote on various topic including death and evil. Sheldon Solomon is a professor at Skidmore College and in this series of videos gives an interesting talk on Becker and his ideas surrounding death and our psychological need to deny it’s existence. Click the read more link to get all 6 10 minute videos of his talk.

November 19th by blacklettermd

Produce: Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen

Organic has become almost a meaningless word these days. Everyone knows that eating organic food is better for you than food slathered in pesticide juices. Since, however, it has become the primary buzzword for all soulless marketeers, it has, as a result, been stripped of all meaning in terms of a clear differentiation between honest healthy pesticide free food stuffs and the garbage the FDA allows to be labeled “organic” when it is clearly not. This harsh reality aside, it may be in your best interest to do what you can to limit your intake of pesticides from your produce and to this end, a group of people who concern themselves with these kinds of topic have put together a helpful list to act as a guide when buying your rabbit food.

November 19th by blacklettermd

It’s hard for me to express just how much I love hand lettered typography. Probably because it is an area of design that remains somewhat of a mystery to me. James Edmondson doesn’t seem to suffer from such a disposition. Check out his cool short video about his hand lettered type and font creations. Some of his fonts can be downloaded over at: http://www.losttype.com/ and others can be viewed at: http://jamestedmondson.com/

November 19th by blacklettermd

Explore the Stars in this freakin cool star map

This is just cool. It’s a website that lets you move through and around the stars of the Milky Way galaxy. Take a spin, it’s incredibly fun and freaky.

November 16th by blacklettermd

I was having a conversation with a friend last night about how intuition (ie, gut feelings) are so dangerous because they *feel* so right that you don’t feel the need to investigate any further. Despite the fact that intuition is quite often just flat out wrong. The Monty Hall Problem *feels* like a good example of this. You may have to watch this video a couple of times because it may be a little confusing but hopefully you too shall come to realize that intuition is actively fighting against you winning in life.

November 16th by blacklettermd


NOKIA PURE / TYPOGRAPHY BOOK: The book,Twenty-Six Characters, details how Nokia’s new typeface, Nokia Pure, was designed and developed by typographer Bruno Maag. The book is also design inspiration, a specimen sheet and a rough guide to typography.

November 14th by blacklettermd

Not CGI, but wow, what an amazing animatronic showreel by the talented Gustav Hoegen! Gustav’s specialty is Animatronic Effects, Prosthetic Makeup Effects for TV and Film. His credits and some shots shown in this video include: Prometheus, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Clash of the Titans, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Doctor Who and more.

November 14th by blacklettermd

Yet another solar eclipse that no one can see

There’s a solar eclipse coming tomorrow, and while it may only be visible over Northern Australia and the Pacific, there are a couple of places you can watch it remotely.

The eclipse is supposed to start at 3:35pm EDT tomorrow. The Slooh Space Camera has a live feed from Cairns, Australia that will start at 2:30pm EDT. Folks at Slooh say this dispatch should be particularly stunning, since the event is supposed to begin around sunrise in the area.

You can also watch a stream from Tourism Tropical North Queensland, which will also broadcast from Cairns starting at 2pm EST. And since it’s an important reminder to all our friends in Australia catching the moon blotting out the sun in person—don’t stare at it directly or you’ll go blind.

November 12th by blacklettermd

First mobile post

This is the first post created via my iPhone. This was created and published while on the move and it features a picture of my cats!

November 11th by blacklettermd

First Audio Post

Trying out embeding html5 audio into a post. Did it work?

November 11th by blacklettermd

Between the Buried and Me are very technical band. Prove it you say? Well here you go… Watch for the crazy sweep pay off at around 6:58. Seriously, if there were any more sweeps here, you’d need Ed Mcmahon to present it in the form of a big check. You don’t even have to be a fan of Prog Rock to enjoy these guys…honest.

November 9th by blacklettermd

Faith No More – Isaiah Toothtaker
Filmed by Oliver Marshall & edited by Isaiah Toothtaker.
Beat produced by Mainframe. “Faith No More” is taken from the album “ILLUMINATI THUG MAFIA” on Machina Muerte records.

November 9th by blacklettermd

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