Friday 18th September 2020

Death Grips is an avant-garde noise-rap trio featuring Zach Hill of Hella. They have been making waves lately and pissing off record labels so have a listen and get yourself up to speed. Notice the Janes Addiction sample…Proper!

November 7th by blacklettermd

ASETNIOP is a keyboard replacement method that lets users type using only ten input points – ten fingers – at a rate that’s comparable to a regular keyboard. The design is based on the ubiquitous QWERTY layout, but utilizes chords – two or more fingers pressed at the same time – to produce all the letters of the alphabet, as well as punctuation characters, numbers, symbols and various other function keys. This opens up a whole new realm of potential devices for touch-typing, including touchscreens, gloves, motion sensors, and even implants!

November 7th by blacklettermd

Nasa will alert you when ISS is passing over your head

NASA will now alert you when the ISS is about to pass over your head. NASA’s Spot the Station service sends you an email or text message a few hours before the space station passes over your house. The space station looks like a fast-moving plane in the sky, though one with people living and working aboard it more than 200 miles above the ground. It is best viewed on clear nights. For more information on the International Space Station and its mission, visit the space station mission pages. Click READ MORE to find out how to sign up.

November 6th by blacklettermd

Into Black by Blouse

Check out this cool track called “Into Black” by Blouse

November 5th by blacklettermd

Action Bronson – “The Symbol” (Official Video)

November 2nd by blacklettermd

Coffee Snobs: Funny or Die video

November 2nd by blacklettermd

Music Video: HEALTH – “Tears” (A Short by David Altobelli and Jeff Desom) ZOMBIE BABIES!!!

November 1st by blacklettermd

Music Video: Gloria by Junkie XL feat. DATAROCK Fun Song, Fun Video

November 1st by blacklettermd

A Slower Speed of Light Game Trailer — MIT Game Lab
A Slower Speed of Light is a first-person game in which players navigate a 3D space while picking up orbs that reduce the speed of light in increments.

October 30th by blacklettermd

PETROL-FOOD-BEER: Around the World with Austin Vince. Motorcycle Adventures!

October 23rd by blacklettermd

New Die Antwoord video: “Fatty Boom Boom” All the way from Souf Afreeka!

October 17th by blacklettermd

Liliputt (Official Video) – Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves Of Destiny

October 16th by blacklettermd

Show Class magazine at Born Free. Check it out. It’s HEAVY!

July 31st by blacklettermd

Music: Liars – WIXIW

July 27th by blacklettermd

Watch this video then watch it again…and then again. You’re welcome.

July 27th by blacklettermd

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