Friday 18th September 2020

Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror. Team members share the challenges of Curiosity’s final minutes to landing on the surface of Mars.

June 27th by blacklettermd

Motorbycles: It’s Better In The Wind. Nice little film about riding motocycles and being cool and shit!

June 22nd by blacklettermd

Moto Guzzi V7 “Costruita con orgoglio in Italia” backstage.
Cool little product film about one of my favorite motorcycles. The only thing I fear is that we are going to see a bunch of hipsters on guzzi’s now.

June 21st by blacklettermd

Shinya kimura: Custom motorcycle designer
filmed by director henrik hansen and his team in 2010

June 21st by blacklettermd

Death Science’s documentary follows the Revenge Run, from its inception to where it is now, as one of the largest chopper runs on the East Coast. More at

June 13th by blacklettermd

Nice video of Ural’s (Russian made motorcycles) getting some love up in the pacific northwest. Check it!

June 11th by blacklettermd

Neutral Bling Hotel: In My G4 Over Da Sea

May 31st by blacklettermd

Infinity equals infinity right? Wrong. Man, you’re stupid. Better watch this video and educate yourself bro!

May 16th by blacklettermd

Video: Cool Fluid Dynamics video set to some upbeat musics. How could you go wrong? Guy over at Giz can’t seem to find his favorite part. See if you can find yours…

May 16th by blacklettermd

Brian Greene: Why is our universe fine-tuned for life? TED talk about the multiverse, dark energy and other sciencey stuff.

April 29th by blacklettermd

The Higgs Boson Explained…sort of

April 28th by blacklettermd

First Aid Kit – Emmylou

April 28th by blacklettermd

QUESTION: How long does it take pluto to complete one orbit around the sun?
ANSWER: 249 earth years.
FACT: It takes so long for Pluto to orbit that Sun, that the (non)planet hasn’t even completed a third of an orbit from when it was discovered back in February 18th, 1930.

April 11th by blacklettermd

Why gas prices are too damn high

An infographic covering the high cost of gas today. Look it over, then cry, then go buy a bicycle.

April 11th by blacklettermd

This is the story of Marie Curie told with puppets and comic book super hero comparisons. It’s a neat videos that should be watch by everyone…

April 10th by blacklettermd

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